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Invest4land is revolutionizing the agricultural industry in Turkey with innovative and modern methods, creating a reliable income for its investors and making the world a better place with thousands of trees planted each year.

We believe in meticulous planning and organizing in our passionate work. Decades of know-how and hundreds of happy clients put Invest4Land in a special position in the field.


Investment Definition

Our sales price is included fertilizer, harvesting the land, sapling, water drilling, water pipes, water lines, fencing, electricity, laboring and all the management fees for first 3 years. After that annual cost will be deducted from the revenue. Our investment prices are net and our investors never pay extra fees or management fee at any times from their pocket. After deduction of costs 80% of profit will be paid to investors. There is 35 (±3) Trees per each donum (1000m²)


As an investment firm, we have been focusing on the most profitable investment products for our investors. For many years, we have been focusing on Real Estate products such as residential, commercial and alternative investment opportunities. Traditional Real Estate is a great investment tool but the investment value, appreciation and returns can be affected by different factors such as the political situation of a country and the economic stability.


On the other hand, Walnut Farmland Investments actually provides a free hold alternative to real estate investment where investors never get affected domestic or global incidents. There is a huge shortage for the walnuts in the global markets and there is always a buyer for the quality walnuts. Also, walnut prices increases steadily every year in the global markets.


We have the experience and know-how of farmland and walnut farmland developments more than a decade. Within these years, we have established very experienced team of engineers and operators with an excellent labour support. We have invested millions of Dollars for the general infrastructure, high technology machineries, modern agriculture methods and professional planting methods. Our extremely carefully selected land portfolio has the full diligence reports.


We have no competition in the market in terms of being service provider for the walnut farmland sales – management and product sales at the same time. We become partner of every single project we sell and we establish the water well, water storage pool, product storage and the labour house in our lands within the project. That structure provides a real partnership with our investors and creates win-win situation for both parties. We have also perfect after sales services for our investors where they will have the comfort of hassle free investment model.

Key Points Of The Investment Model

  • All the initial investments are included and all the charges and all the returns are net. We never charge management fees or operations fees at any times from investors pocket.
  • As our lands are close to the city planning zones, possible massive appreciation potential on the lands after the year 7 or more.
  • Low entry investments from 8750 USD per donum (1000 sqm) planted farmland with 2 years old trees.
  • Returns from the year 3 with 9,2% return on the initial investment.
  • Over 30% returns from the year 5 and 46% returns from the year 8 and 50% stable returns from the year 12.
  • Our sales price is included fertilizer, harvesting the land, sapling, water drilling, water pipes, water lines, fencing, electricity, labouring and all the management fees till to the 1st harvest period.

Average 24,3% Net

Income Generation


Annual Income Chart

Current Status

Of Our Projects

We have planted

47.000 trees so far!


The Land

We convert our walnut farmlands to high income generating real estate assets.


Walnut farmlands generate up to 25% net income for the first 10 years! Only 8750 USD per donum & 24 months installment with no interest!



Our investors buy the walnut farmlands from Concept Investment Ltd, which is our asset holding limited company. All the lands we sell belong to the Concept Investment Ltd and all the lands are freehold and their title deeds are ready. Therefore, all the sales agreements are signed between Concept Investment Ltd and the buyer.


We deliver upgraded title deeds to our investors with the full infrastructure including the planted walnut trees, water well and water storage, labour house, electricity infrastructure – connection, general storage for the products, side road and security fences.






Of The Land

Our management company Invest4land Ltd manages all the walnut farmlands.

All the management agreements are signed between Invest Land Ltd and the buyer. We have a very professional and dedicated team of engineers, consultants and general labour power working for Invest4land.


We don’t charge any management fees till the 1st harvest period and after all costs will be covered from the income, so our investors never have to deal with management and operational costs from their pockets.

Stages Of Walnut

Farmland Development

Finding the Land

All our project lands has to meet the below criterias:

  • Positive laboratory tests for the quality of the soil
  • Wind test
  • Positive water test for the quality of the waterThe right height of the land from the sea level for the right temperature all year around
  • The right elevation for the land
  • Distance to the main roads and most importantly being by the registered official (Municipality and Tapu Kadatsro) road.

Cleaning the Land

  • We clean the land from any existing wild trees and grasses (after receiving the permission from the local authorities).
  • We clean the land from the rocks, stones with the necessary heavy machineries such as dozer, digger and tractor.

Watering Setup

We use the latest technology to locate and analyze the quantity of the water before we drill the ground and all our project lands have rich water veins under the soil.


We are drilling ground between 80 to 150 meter to reach water source and create pressure holding water irrigation system to all our project lands.


Also, we are constructing water storage at the highest point of the lands and minimize electricity consumption with land slope.

Soil & Electricity

  • There is an important cultivating process with our advanced machineries and that follows the establishment of the water channel systems.
  • We establish with the local authorities Power Distribution Unit and we also arrange the grid connection with the nearest main power source. We also built solar energy plans where the lands are suitable as an alternative electricity source.

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