Earn up to 25% average for the 1st 10 years and 50% ANNUAL INCOME after the year 11th.

8.400 USD for per 1000 sqm // 30% Down Payment, 24 Months 0% Interest Full Title Deed Ownership


Land Definition

Planted golden chandler walnut farmland. 35 (±3) trees each 1000 m² and 350 trees each 10.000m²


Land Location

İzmir / Manisa – Turkey


Title Deeds Status

Investors will own freehold title deed under their name.


Investment Definition

Our sales price is included fertilizer, harvesting the land, sapling, water drilling, water pipes, water lines, fencing, electricity, laboring and all the management fees for first 3 years. After that annual cost will be deducted from the revenue. Our investment prices are net and our investors never pay extra fees or management fee at any times from their pocket. After deduction of costs 80% of profit will be paid to investors. There is 35 (±3) Trees per each donum (1000m²)



As it is shown from the table above, income generation of Golden Chandler Walnut farmlands starts in 2020 and increases every year.




Sale Prices


Walnut Sale Price: 17,00 TL / KG – Golden Chandler domestic wholesale price from farm

Walnut Sale Price: 23,90 TL / KG – Golden Chandler domestic packaged price

Walnut sale Price: 7,75 USD / KG – Golden Chandler packaged export price


Our calculations are based on the average value of Domestic wholesale and domestic packaged price per kg and it is equating 20,45TL / KG.

So according to the size and productivity of the trees, income generation increases every year!




· Labour


· Fertilizer


· Medicine


· Hoe (cleaning wild grass)


· Strake (tree protection paint)


· Utility Costs



According to our calculations our costs are estimated as 500TL per 1.000 m² area

In case if we are at year 10 and we have 10.000 m² land area;


Cost: 500 TL x 10 = 5.000 TL annual cost + harvest cost = 7.087,50 TL


Production: min 22kg / per tree


In 10.000 m² area we have 350 trees so we have min. 7.700kg production


Sale price: 20.45 TL /Kg


Min revenue 157.465TL


Min revenue 41.990 USD with Feb 2017 USD currency of 3.75TL





157.465 TL Revenue – 12.087,50 TL Cost = 145.377,50 TL Profit


80% of profit will be given to investor = 116.302 TL


With January 2017 currency rate = 31.014 USD = %39.2 of initial investment cost



Investment Key-facts


Min. 10.000 m² land area can be purchased

Title deed can be obtained

Full freehold ownership

Highest ROI

%30 down payment + 24 months instalment

Cheapest price on the market – 8.4 USD/ m²

Full infrastructure

The highest quality type of golden chandler walnut production

Highly experienced management professionals

Easy and highly profitable exit strategy

Easy resale option without requesting approval from any authority

Full flexibility of separating land for personal usage

Full flexibility of cancelling the management agreement

Smart investment model

The figures we provide are the lowest prices and return of our investors can only go up as Golden Chandler walnut prices go up every year.


Walnut Demand in Turkey

There is a high shortage and demand from the Turkish domestic market itself.


Walnut Demand in the World

Not many countries are suitable for producing walnuts in the world, therefore there is a big global supply shortage on the market.


Walnut Tree Timber Demand

Timber of walnut trees is widely used in the furniture industry and there is a high demand globally. In our projects in some cases, the value of the timber itself can double the investment value, apart from the walnut production.


Comparison to the Other Real Estate Investments

Our Golden Chandler walnut farmland investments have 100% success record and provide the highest possible income in the market. In real estate you can achieve average 5.5 % rental income in the residential property and maximum 8% in the commercial investment properties. In our Golden Chandler walnut farmland projects, you can achieve over 25% ROI in average during the first 10 years and more after.


In any other real estate investment, buyer has the risk of paying the management fees, if the investment doesn’t provide enough income. In our walnut farmland projects, we never charge any management fees at any times.


In this specific project, your investment pays itself within 5 years for the pre-launch investors, and value of your land becomes minimum double at the beginning of year 5.


You can also find our general Golden Chandler walnut farmland investment brochure in the attachment and also the pre-launch price list. Our pre-launch investors will benefit from the lowest prices, low entry option and the highest returns.




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