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Exclusive Availability of Shop for rent in Dubai Mall..


Take your Business to One or more of the Premium U.A.E. Malls

(Including The Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Marina Mall, Deira City Centre, Yas Mall and More.....)



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Qualifying Clients, interested in a shop for rent in Dubai Mall, are required to fulfill the following criteria:


1. Must have an established High Quality Brand

2. Must be able to sustain the costs of being established in a Premium Mall for the long term

3. Prepared to pay the Premium fees required.




If the above criteria is all acceptable, you may send your profile and contact details for preliminary assessment.



The Dubai Mall recorded 61,000 tickets sold for the Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre in the first five days, following its opening. The Dubai Mall hosted over 37 million visitors in 2009, and attracts more than 750,000 visitors every week. In 2010 it hosted 47 million, and saw footfall increase by around 27 percent over 2009, despite the economic crisis. In 2012, Dubai Mall continued to hold title of world's most-visited shopping and leisure destination, and attracted more than 65 million visitors, an increase of more than 20 percent compared to the 54 million recorded in 2011. It attracted more visitors than New York City with over 52 million tourists in 2012, and Los Angeles with 41 million. The numbers also surpass visitor arrivals to all landmark leisure destinations and theme parks in the world including Times Square (39.2 million), Central Park (38 million), and Niagara Falls (22.5 million).







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It is the largest mall in the world by total area at 1,124,000 square meters. In other words, it is equivalent to 50 football pitches!


There are 1200 shop for rent in Dubai Mall and that doesn’t include the pop up ones!


Inside the mall, its ground level is home to the Dubai Aqaurium, which houses the world’s largest acrylic panel. The panel is 108 feet wide, 27 feet high and 29. 5 inches thick and weighs 541, 486 pounds. The acrylic panel made it to the Guiness Book of World Records. The aquarium is also the world’s largest indoor aquarium.


You can take a ride on a glass bottom boat to view over 33,000 aquatic animals and you could also go cage diving with sharks!

























It is home to Dubai Fountain, which is set on 30 acre Burj Khalifa Lake. The water jets are about 500 feet to 700 feet long.


There is a theme park inside the mall – Sega Republic. You can experience all Sega games in one house here and there are plenty of high adrenaline rides!


There is an Olympic sized ice skating rink at the Dubai Mall in Dowtown Dubai! It is located on the ground floor but extends to the second floor. The rink also hosts Emirates Hockey League games.


























There is a waterfall inside the mall and that’s not the only special part. It’s an illusion waterfall. There are statues that are diving from the waterfall and if you stare at one, the others disappear!






























In addition to the over 1200 shop for rent in Dubai Mall, it has a 250-room luxury hotel, 120 restaurants and a parking facility that houses 14,000 cars!


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